Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Format for the Alfidi Capital Main Website

I chose a new template for the Alfidi Capital website because I felt like it needed a fresh look.  The old template offered by my web host service was no longer supported, so I would have had to change it anyway at some point as their platform evolved.  My long-time readers know that I don't care much about cosmetic appearances, so I'll tinker with it for a while to make sure it meets my minimal expectations for acceptability.

Please note that the page formerly titled "Consulting" is now properly called "Incubation."  The last real purely consultative relationship I had was aborted before I launched Alfidi Capital.  Describing what I do for startups as incubation accurately reflects my relationships with enterprises that fit my investment philosophy.

I also made a few minor edits to some other pages like my Legalistic Disclaimerism and Al-FAQ-DI.  I do that whenever I think of some creative new ways to make people laugh.  I love to showcase my brilliance and I just keep getting better.

I reserve the right to change the look of my site and blogs whenever I choose.  What will never change is the high quality of provocative, controversial, and downright hilarious commentary I provide via my business entity, Alfidi Capital.