Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pedigree And Politics In 2012

National elections in America are always a wonderful opportunity to discover new things about our country and those who truly govern it.  This weekend's anointing of a completed national ticket is a terrific window into those qualities the ruling class finds attractive in candidates for high office.

The Republicans have selected a business-friendly ticket.  In fact, both selectees have multigenerational business backgrounds in common.  I had wondered how the Veep nominee had won his election to Congress at age 28, but now I completely understand.  One quote from that article says it all:  "I recall the fledgling candidate walking me around downtown Janesville to show the houses and the historical markers that trace his family’s influence on this small industrial city since the late nineteenth century." My next question:  Has Ryan been vetted by the Grove?  

Another piece falls into place . . . Rep. Ryan's wife is part of the Boren political dynasty.  I first witnessed the phenomenon of ruling class mating rituals at Notre Dame, where dating couples seemed to be testing out dynastic alliances. I had no dynasty to offer, so I remained dateless. No Senator's daughter for me, no sir-ee.  

I brought up Rep. Ryan's pedigree to illustrate something most conventional political anaylsis ignores.  Much of what we see in the public arena is a kind of performance from people born to play roles. The script (i.e. policy choices, ad hominem attacks) doesn't matter as much as the pure spectacle.  America's hereditary elite raises its children to play very important roles - literally like actors!

The present Administration holds an electoral advantage because it has given the country's permanent government - Wall Street, the Pentagon, and the intelligence community - everything on those parties' private wish lists.  The incumbent faction retains this electoral advantage so long as the economy does not go into free fall before the end of October.  The challengers have been vetted by Wall Street to ensure they will maintain status quo policies indefinitely in the unlikely event they win.   There will be no real change in November 2012.  Whether this is good news for America depends on how much longer the international bond market keeps a blind eye turned to our national profligacy.  

Nota bene:  I am a registered voter but I do not identify with either major party.  This article is not in any way an endorsement for any candidate or party.  Please vote responsibly.  Your grandchildren will thank you.