Monday, July 02, 2012

Bering Exploration (BERX) Gives Me Little Info To Go On

Digging into my old mail pile reveals yet another tout piece from Carpenter Global Stock Advisory.  This one was for Bering Exploration (BERX), another Eagle Ford shale play.  The company website relates practically zero information besides a few names and phone numbers.

The financials from Google Finance say a little bit more.  Negative net income since 2008.  Retained earnings that have grown increasingly negative since 2008.  Share price under a buck even though it's only been public since December 2011.  Oh, BTW, the company used to be known as Oncolin Therapeutics.  I have no idea what they used to do under that name but it doesn't look like they're doing much anyway now.

That's enough for this one.  Really.

Full disclosure:  No position in BERX at all, ever.