Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Wall Builders (GWBU) Is A Mystery

Oh boy, this must be my lucky week.  I got two separate mailers touting Great Wall Builders (GWBU), some penny stock that either has a new fuel-efficient vehicle technology or markets products for solar-integrated systems in homes.  I honestly can't figure out which thing the company does because I can't find a website for them that describes what they do.

One mailer said GWBU was actually something called Start Scientific whose promotion was funded by another entity called Serenity Holdings.  This identity trail is now convoluted enough to turn me off and I haven't even looked at the company's financials yet.  There are no financial results of note, so it doesn't matter.  Reading the 10-K from 2011 doesn't tell us much about what the company does, and it clearly didn't do much of anything that year.  It was nothing but a shell company until this year, according to its 8-K from April 2012.

The mailers came from The Penny Stock Hunter and The Penny Stock Pillager, two outfits that share the same P.O. Box.  I hope I never hear from either one again.  Of course, all hope is pointless.

Full disclosure:  No position in GWBU at all.