Saturday, February 19, 2011

YRCW Way Behind In Mobile Apps

Here's a clue as to how badly YRC Worldwide is hurting.  The company is just now rolling out a mobile phone application that allows customers to track shipments.  Its main competitors have had similar apps out for a long time.  Check out some old news.

UPS launch its app in December 2008.

FedEx launched its app in early 2009.

Con-way Freight launched its app in August 2010. 

It's really sad when you're just starting to explore a service that others have spent more then two years bringing to maturity.  It's all too easy to fall behind when you're distracted by your unionized workforce's insane demands and work rules.  High-performing companies always have an external focus.  Unions demand an inward-looking focus that ignores the competitive landscape.  I certainly hope YRC Worldwide isn't entrusting the application's data entry or interface design to union labor. 

Full disclosure:  No positions in YRCW, UPS, FDX, or CNW at this time.