Monday, November 22, 2010

Updating The Alpha-D Portfolio For Nov. 2010

Here's what I didn't change this month.  I maintain my long puts against LMT (hedging the defense bubble) and IYR (hedging the housing sector). 

I also maintain my long holdings of GDX (gold sector bull), FXI (China bull), TDW (energy services bull and compelling fundamental value).  My covered calls on each expired unexercised and I refreshed them.  I also sold short puts under those three securities.  If they remain range-bound, I keep the cash.  If they drop in a flash crash, I pick up more of what I like at a discount. 

Here's one significant change. For the first time in over two years, I wrote a small number of short puts under EFA.  I do not have a long position yet in EFA but I'm willing to risk acquiring some.  I don't mind a Euro currency crisis or Asian capital controls as the trigger.  I consider EFA to be a way to own non-U.S. markets I can't track myself.  I'm not quite ready to take the same approach with SPY because I'm waiting to see whether a bond market dislocation puts the S&P 500 on sale. 

I didn't add much to my fixed income holdings other than buy a one-month Treasury with my cash proceeds from selling options.  The sickeningly low yields on Treasuries reduce the effectiveness of this yield-enhancement approach.  I just need to stay in the habit of rolling cash into F.I.  It will pay off when interest rates rise after the U.S. is forced to live within its means.